Anna Stelmakh
Co-author of the OAZIS Aroma Collections project, Sinologist
Dragon's Well
Imperial Tea
Origin: Zhejiang, China

Collection time: Spring 2021

Water temperature: 85-90 degrees

Brewing time: 15-20 seconds

**Quantity for welding**: 5-7 grams

**Tableware**: Gaiwan, flask, glass teapot

**Storage**: Refrigerator -16 degrees

The famous "Dragon Well of the Western Lake" was made in Hangzhou district (Zhejiang Province). The buds of the spring harvest of 2020 were used as raw materials .
In dry form: medium-sized neat, flat buds in the form of "sparrow tongues" of bright, pistachio-green tones. The aroma of dry tea is intense, herbaceous-floral with a hint of roasted sunflower seeds. The infusion is transparent, of a light golden-green shade.
The bouquet of the finished tea is voluminous, bright, herbaceous-nutty with a floral note. The aroma is intense, fresh, herbaceous-nutty. The taste is oily and soft, sweet and juicy, turning into a long aftertaste.

Classic "Long Ching" with a juicy, voluminous taste and a refreshing, light toning effect.

For the packaging design, we chose an illustration of a red peony from the Chinese painting Guohua, because the variety of this peony is called "Red Dragon". It is quite possible that the peony could grow near that famous well and, reflected in it, remind the locals of a dragon.

How to brew
By following this method, you will allow tea to reveal all its properties
Brew with boiling water, cooled to 70 ° C, in porcelain or celadon gayvan, glassware. The proportion of welding to water: 4-5 gr. per 100 ml.
10-30 seconds
Withstands 5-6 brews.
Origin: Zhejiang, China
Collection time: Spring 2022