Anna Stelmakh
Co-owner of OAZIS Aroma Collections,
Chinese linguist & Ambassador of Chinese Culture
The Most Rare & Expensive Tea in the World
Da Hong Pao
Big Red Robe –
Big Red – means "Bright Red" from Mandarin.
So "Big Red Robe" needs to understans as "The Bright Red Robe".

This is the most rare and expencive tea in the world. Mountain Oolung.

The aroma is clean, bright and sweet, reminiscent of old wine, toasted black bread crusts and dried fruit.
The taste is dense, full-bodied, with a pronounced and pleasant tartness and a rich, spicy aftertaste. After several brews, it becomes sweet, with light fruity notes.
By following this method you will allow the tea to reveal all its properties
Заваривать кипятком, остуженным до 70°С, в фарфоровой или селадоновой гайвани, стеклянной посуде. Пропорция заварки к воде: 4-5 гр. на 100 мл.
10-30 секунд
Пить проливом с постепенным увеличением экспозиции. Выдерживает 5-6 заварок.